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If you or the young person in your life is looking for a career in the exciting field of outdoor adventure then Algonquin College is for you. This is a 2 year diploma program focusing on outdoor skills and the business of adventure.

As the service provider for the skills, Wilderness Tours believes in this program. Getting in is not easy. Prospective students are invited to the Physical Readiness Camp held in May. After a welcome orientation, candidates don wet suits and head down river swimming most of the rapids. The Ottawa in May is enough challenge even for the most hardened Navy Seal. After the river, candidates dry off, harness up and set their sights high - to the top of our 150ft bungee jumping tower. The rappel down is a lot quicker than the climb up. And just to add a bit more challenge the candidates compete in their own mini-triathlon. And they are not even in the program yet!

Surprisingly, most candidates pass the readiness test and the post-test interview. They seem to thrive on the challenge. They have to be because unlike other programs, this is the real thing. Most colleges offer diploma programs but they tend to be all classroom based. Not this one. The program is designed to meet the growing demand for qualified specialists in the many facets of the global outdoor adventure industry. Students will acquire many national and international certifications in a variety of disciplines. On the academic side, students gain theoretical background in the business side of the of the industry through such theory courses as computer applications, accounting, risk management, ecotourism, finance, leadership, communication, marketing and general business.

Outdoor Adventure
This two-year Ontario College Diploma program provides professional guide training with the theoretical and practical skills required to work in the global outdoor adventure industry. Partnered with Wilderness Tour (Canada's largest outdoor adventure company) students can acquire national certification in a selection of disciplines.