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Your Safety, Our Priority

Wilderness Tours has over 40 years of operating excellence. We have a stellar safety record and a reputation as an innovator in customer care and service.

Rafting is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities available. However, as with all adventure activities there is inherent risk. Choosing a professionally managed and operated company with high safety standards should be your number one priority when booking a rafting adventure.

Our industry-leading safety and operating standards include:

Strong Leadership & Management.
Judgment and leadership by risk management decision-makers is the key to ensuring guest safety. All the training, certifications and experience of the guide crew is meaningless if proper decisions are not made. At Wilderness Tours, we have specific rafting protocols for every rapid and every water level on the Ottawa River. At certain water levels, we close certain sections of the river to maintain strict safety guidelines. By implementing such comprehensive guidelines, Wilderness Tours has been able to provide quality rafting experiences to hundreds of thousands of guests from around the world.

More senior guides.
WT is fortunate to attract the best guiding talent in the world. Our wilderness resort and the range of Class 3-5 whitewater available at our doorstep, is a major drawing card for the best raft guides in the world. The Ottawa River is one (if not the best) river in Canada for not just white-water rafting, but for many other water sports as well. Our guides are challenged day in and day out, and this challenge attracts true whitewater professionals.

The right equipment.
All the necessary gear for rafting is provided by WT, including wetsuits, lifejackets, paddling jackets, and helmets. Guests have the option of wearing wetsuits any time of year. Farmer John/Jane wetsuits are available for rent. If you are prone to getting cold easily, we recommend you get yourself a wetsuit for your trip.

Safety Kayakers.
WT provides safety kayakers to enhance customer safety and service. Each safety kayaker that accompanies a trip will increase the overall safety margin. Our safety kayakers are Class V experts capable of making fast, effective rescues and assisting swimmers back to their rafts.

WT was the first company on the Ottawa to provide safety kayakers 40 years ago. Today, many rafting companies still do not provide this safety