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White Water Village

Dear Friends,

Out of 1,000 km of Ottawa River, only 10 wild kilometers remain, the "Rocher-Fendu". The rest has been flooded by 24 dams. It is our passion to preserve those last 10km. We call it "Living with Champlain’s Ghost". "Rocher-Fendu" is an old French/Indian word meaning "split rock". It characterizes this last remaining part of river that if Champlain were alive today, he would recognize as the original Ottawa. Just south of the Rocher-Fendu is Wilderness Tours Resort Centre with its spectacular Presqu’ile Point. Presqu’ile Point is located at the far end of WT’s Resort Centre where the Ottawa River flows into Rocher-Fendu Lake combining both whitewater and lake activities. Before the Chenaux Dam went in downstream, the last rapid was just upstream of Presqu’ile. Jutting out in the current, the Point created a huge "eddy" causing the river to deposit tons of sand creating a great beach and natural playground all year round. Adding to this wonderful mixture is relationships. In the past 36 years WT has made many long lasting friends of both clients and staff.

The development of Presqu’ile Point will now give that wonderful group of people a community of their own soon to be known as WHITEWATER VILLAGE. The village will consist of 36 three bedroom chalets, each about 1,600 square feet. The units will be sold fractionally meaning purchasers would own a tenth meaning 5 weeks per year, one in each season with a floating week. Prices s