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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions, Questions, Questions - alas - now some answers!

The way we look at it, the more you know about WT, the easier your decision will be when it comes to choosing your next summer vacation or holiday.

Why should I choose Wilderness Tours?
Great question and one we take very seriously. Probably the easiest way to answer it is with a simple fact - more people raft with WT than all our competitors combined.  WT also employs more full time professionals than everyone else combined. The quality of our staff is incomparable. Add great food, wonderful resort facilities and programs. That is why Algonquin College choose WT to run its very popular 2 year diploma program in Outdoor Adventure.

Q: What about families on weekends?
A: With a large, beautiful resort, we offer both a family zone and an adult zone.  You can get away from our noisy lodge and stay in quieter areas.  Please mention this at time of booking.

The River:

Q: So I purchased this kind of inflatable device, threw it in my backyard pool and by-jippy, turns out if floats.  Can I raft with that?
A: No.  We provide all the equipment which includes the helmet, life jacket, paddle and raft.

Q: What if I insist?
A: It really isn't going to be that much fun.

Q: OK, so do I need to bring a helmet?
A: No, we provide that already.

Q: What if I have a really cool hot pink helmet with flames painted on the side?
A: You can bring it with you, however, our trip leaders reserve the right to refuse use of certain helmets because of safety reasons.  We have a helmet for you if it doesn't work out, not to worry.

Q: Do I need a nose plug?
A: You will be fine in most rapids on the river.  However, if you really want one, we have them in our river shop.

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: Great question.  You should visit our What To Bring page for further information on this.

Q: I'm going to have a great time
A: That isn't a're right.

Q: What if it is cold or raining?
A: We raft rain or shine.  If the temperature is dipping down a bit that day, you might be interested in reserving a wetsuit.  You can do this either over the phone or at time of checkout online.

White-Water Rafting:

Q: What is the difference between the Classic Day Trip and Gentle Day Trip?
A: The Classic Day Trip is class 3-5 rapids (on a scale from 1-6). There is a greater probability that you will fall out on the Classic Day Trip than the Gentle Trip.

Q: What are the Classic Day Trip Options?
A: Classic Rafting in a 12 person raft with a guide GYOR (Guide Your Own Raft in 6-8 person rafts with guides co