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Introducing the AdventureBand, New For 2017

AdventureBands are secure all-in-one devices that allow you to get the most out of your vacation with Wilderness Tours.  They are low profile, waterproof and cool looking wristbands (resembling a watch or bracelet) that you can make cashless payments or scan for pre-paid package meals included in your reservation by simply tapping the Band on our readers.

How To Get One?
The AdventureBand is used on our single and multi-day packages.  Upon arriving at reception for check-in, we will load up any pre-paid meals associated with your reservation and have an option to enable 'Charging Privileges'.

Charging Privileges
From purchases in our RiverShop, to food & drinks ordered in our Restaurant and Bars, this option gives you the ultimate flexibility.  When you enable Charging Privileges on your AdventureBand, it allows you to link purchases made anywhere on the resort to your reservation.  This is either a Visa, Mastercard or Amex card that you select for future purchases on the AdventureBand.

What Is RF Technology
Radio Frequency technology—also known as RF—is commonly used technology found throughout the world in everyday items like credit cards, video game controllers, keyless car entry, fitness wristbands and much more. We use RF technology to enhance your experience at the Wilderness Tours Resort.

RF Technology at Wilderness Tours
Your AdventureBand is unique to you.  It allows us to authenticate you and the benefits associated with you. The AdventureBand only contains a randomly assigned code that securely links to an encrypted database and is configured not to store any other information about you.

Each AdventureBand contains a passive HF chip and a small antenna which enables it to be detected at short-range readers throughout the Resort.

Regulation of RF Technology
The systems and devices using RF technology on our resort are designed, tested and manufactured to comply with Industry Canada’s Radio Standard Specifications. The levels of RF energy they generate are similar to those found in many consumer devices.

Security and Privacy
Extensive measures are in place to protect your information, which is a responsibility we take very seriously.  The transport of information is protected 24/7 using only 256-bit industry leading encryption.

Lost or Stolen Bands
All lost or stolen wristbands must immediately be reported to the main reception or main office.  We will need one piece of identification before suspending the wristband and removing the card.  Any charges on the wristband will remain, and transferred to a new wristband.  A $20 replacement fee will be charged for lost wristbands.

Have any other questions?  Please contact us.

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